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Ravi Ramakrishnan

Kevin Higgins

Senior Consultant

Kevin is a technology executive who uses his leadership and technology acumen to drive business innovation and produce flexible, efficient operations.  During his 30+ years of experience he developed and led global teams who delivered creative technology solutions that expanded the value of existing businesses, enabled new business products, and supported expansion into new markets.  Kevin’s ability to understand complex business problems and influence business leaders to act are key capabilities he brings to each role and consulting engagement.  As an entrepreneur, global executive, consultant, and technologist, Kevin understands how technology can drive business success. 

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CIO Professional Services LLC is a top-rated IT consulting firm, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in strategic IT consulting and business / IT alignment. Companies come to us seeking assistance with their information technology strategy as well as to source interim CIO / CTO employees or fractional CIO / CTO's. Our IT experts can assist with integrating IT into your business processes - better - up to and including 'project rescue' in areas such as ITSM / ITIL, IT service strategy, and IT outsourcing. Business / IT strategy projects we have worked on include upgrading ERP systems, cybersecurity and IT consulting, IT assessment and organizational change. Cloud computing and business IT remain critical in today's business systems, and beyond that to the migration to the cloud of business IT. Our IT consultants can assist with all aspects of business / information technology alignment. Contact us today for a free phone consultation - we service clients not only in San Francisco or San Jose, but throughout the United States.

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