An Excellent IT Service Delivery Model for SMBs

An Excellent IT Service Delivery Model for SMBsBy Mike Cashman Sr.
Associate Consultant

When the conversation turns to IT service delivery for SMBs (small- and medium-sized businesses), the question that is often asked is this: Which is better—having a full internal IT department or using a fully outsourced external IT provider?

What we’ve seen in practice, though, is that if you’re thinking in terms of “internal vs. external” you’re focusing on the wrong thing. A better question to ask is “how can I maximize my IT spend in order to achieve the desired end results?” The answer is usually not to go with an all internal or all external approach. In my experience, the best IT service delivery for SMBs is a hybrid, multi-modal model.

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Tech Trend Predictions from the Churchill Club’s 21st Annual Meeting

Churchill's Top Ten 2019By Jeff Richards
Managing Partner

Each year the Churchill Club, a not-for-profit public benefit organization, holds a “Top 10 Tech Trends” meeting. A panel of five venture capital partners each present two predictions regarding the top tech trends that will be affecting the market four or five years from now. Each VC presents their first prediction and the other VCs vote on it. Then the moderator turns it over to the audience members, who use an app to register their votes. After each panel member has presented their first idea, the moderator goes down the line and repeats the process for their second idea.

I’ve been attending this event for 13 years now. I’ve found that the meeting is both thought-provoking and entertaining, and a great way to get executives thinking out of the box beyond their annual planning horizon. Plus, it usually gives me lots of interesting things to talk about at client meetings, cocktail parties and networking events!

This year was the 21st annual edition of this event, and there were probably 600 to 700 people in attendance. CIO Professional Services bought a table. Everyone in our group of nine really enjoyed the event, which spurred some very stimulating conversation.

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Reflections on 10 Years in Business: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

10th Anniversary CIOPSBy Jeff Richards
Managing Partner

This year CIO Professional Services (CIOPS) is celebrating our tenth anniversary. Looking back over the past decade makes me realize that, in spite of all of the changes that have happened in the IT world, at a more fundamental level nothing has really changed at all.

Our focus hasn’t changed

CIOPS’ first client was the Northern California Golf Association, a division of the US Golf Association that was established in 1901 (i.e. when my great-grandparents were too young to take up the sport). Our work for the Northern California Golf Association was a process redesign, systems selection and systems implementation engagement.

Today our biggest client is a hyper-growth unicorn 6-year-old “startup.” They’re about as cool and new as it gets. What are the initiatives? Process redesign, systems selection and systems implementation!

Before our current client received a major cash infusion in early 2018, they were a cash-strapped start-up running everything on “freemium” and inexpensive applications. Everyone found something that would solve their particular problem, at least in the short run, with little thought as to what else was going on around it. Now they are replacing this hodge-podge of apps that got them this far with more sophisticated solutions that will meet their needs as they grow. In other words, pretty much what we did for the Golf Association, but on a much broader scale.

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