Lack of Measurement Can Result in Failure

You must measure to succeedBy Mike Pivacek

Organizations often bring in CIOPS to “fix things” when they feel that something in their IT realm is broken. Perhaps they just can’t seem to deliver. Maybe they’re making promises they can’t keep, or service is woefully lacking. People are counting on the team to get things done, and it’s just not happening. Deadlines are missed…bugs aren’t fixed…issues aren’t addressed…and if the end products are delivered at all, they might not be meeting quality standards.

Quite often these problems all have one thing in common

Our first step in fixing whatever is broken is always an assessment. If, for example, the organization is experiencing delivery challenges, we’ll want to delve into the current delivery process. What are they trying to accomplish, and where are they falling short?

Although service and delivery challenges are generally quite complex and caused by a combination of factors, each of the underlying causes usually falls into one of the following categories:

  • People problems
  • Process problems
  • Technology problems

Regardless of whether a problem is caused by people, processes or technology, we often find that these issues all have one thing in common: They are not being measured, and this lack of measurement is a root cause of many undeliverables.

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My Take-Aways from the Churchill Club 20th Annual “Top 10 Tech Trends” Meeting

By Jeff Richards
Managing Partner

Each year the Churchill Club, a not-for-profit public benefit organization, brings in a panel of five venture capital partners to present their predictions regarding the top tech trends that will be affecting the market four or five years from now. At the event each VC presents their first prediction and the other VCs vote on it. Then the moderator turns it over to the audience members, who use an app to register their votes. After each panel member has presented their first idea, the moderator goes down the line and repeats the process for their second idea.

I’ve been attending this event for 12 years now. I’ve found that the meeting is both entertaining and thought-provoking, and a great way to get executives thinking out of the box (sometimes way out of the box) beyond their annual planning horizon. Plus, it gives me so many interesting things to talk about that it makes me feel like the smartest guy on the block for a few weeks!

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Getting Cybersecurity in Place On a Tight Budget

Cybersecurity On A BudgetBy Christopher Barron

As the CIO you’ve been tasked with ensuring that your organization’s IT systems are more secure. You’ve got a budget (although it’s tight). You’ve got mandates (“Don’t let us get hacked!” “Increase our perimeter strength!” “Make it a ‘Top 3’ initiative for the year!”). But if you’re like many CIOs, what you don’t have is an understanding of the basic premises and precepts of cybersecurity.

To get appropriate cybersecurity controls in place, where in the world should you start?

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