Addressing SecOps When Getting a Cyber Security Plan in Place

Getting a Cyber Security Plan in PlaceBy Zeeshan Kazmi
Cyber Security Practice Head

I recently wrote about the reasons why your cyber security plan must address SecOps , which is a collaborative effort that ensures that your IT security and IT Operations teams are all on the same page. Today I’d like to take a look at how to make this happen. Here are the initial steps we recommend:

Assess your risks

It is absolutely critical to understand what your assets are and where they reside. You can then prioritize these assets based on the likely negative impact on your business if these assets were to be compromised.

Start by taking a complete inventory of your data assets, wherever they may reside. For example, what data resides in shadow IT? How about email archives, mobile devices, apps, etc.? It doesn’t hurt to reach out to key business stakeholders to ask them where they think their data is! Remember, if you don’t know where a data asset is located (or even if it exists), that lack of knowledge is a security risk in and of itself.

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Why Your Cyber Security Plan Must Address SecOps

Why Your Cyber Security Plan Must Address SecOpsBy Zeeshan Kazmi
Cyber Security Practice Head

Thanks to today’s digital transformation initiatives, getting a cyber security plan in place is more important than ever. In fact, it should be a vital part of your IT strategy. After all, chances are nearly all new initiatives in your company involve something digital. This automatically introduces new platforms that can be attacked and quickly become a deficit for your organization if they’re not directly protected by your cyber security efforts.

SecOps—a collaborative effort that ensures the IT Security and IT Operations teams are all on the same page—is the ongoing operational management piece of this. It’s the reminder that your cyber security plan cannot be a “set it and forget it” effort. A cyber security plan must always bridge the gap between Security and IT Operations, neither of which is ever static and each of which has fundamentally different priorities.

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CIO Professional Services Named a “Top 50 Tech Company”

Badge Intercon Award CIO Professional Services 2019By Jeff Richards

Since 2009 CIO Professional Services has provided strategic IT consulting and business/IT alignment services for a wide range of enterprise clients. Our consultants are all highly-experienced, world class executives who have a true passion for what they do.

Seeing the significant difference that our efforts make for our clients is enormously satisfying. Receiving glowing testimonials from these clients always makes our day. As my father always said, a job well done is its own reward…and normally I would agree and say that all of this feedback is enough.

But as we were recently reminded, sometimes it really feels good to receive recognition from your peers, too.

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