Is Your IT Organization Winning?

ITSM Asset ManagementBy Walter Curd, Associate

About twelve years ago I was brought on as the CIO of a large semi-conductor company with an incredibly complex operation. The company manufactured and sold over $2.5 billion worth of units each year, had tens of thousands of quotes and orders each month, and—perhaps most importantly to me as the CIO—was using over 600 software applications to run their business! It seemed like everywhere I looked there were more software programs, and my IT group had to support all of them.

Needless to say, it was obvious to me that our IT organization, as well as the business as a whole, could benefit from some strategic planning. Others agreed, and the company brought in an outside expert to help with the strategic planning process. 

This expert took us through a very straightforward process that gave me the information I needed to completely transform my IT organization…and it was all built upon the concept of “winning.”

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Getting the ITSM Basics in Place, Part 4: Asset Management

ITSM Asset ManagementBy Lonnie Sanders III, Associate

Quick! If you had an urgent need to know the details of the routers at your Cleveland facility, or exactly what sensitive company information can be accessed from a company laptop that was just stolen from a hotel room in Shenzhen, how long would it take you to access this information?

If you have IT Asset Management in place, you can pull up the necessary data in a matter of seconds. Otherwise…well, whether or not you’d be able to find this information at all is anyone’s guess. 

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Getting the ITSM Basics in Place, Part 3: Knowledge Management

ITSM Knowledge ManagementBy Lonnie Sanders III, Associate

Many organizations think the process of getting a robust IT-related Knowledge Management system in place is too costly and time-consuming to make it worthwhile. Which is quite ironic, given that cost and time savings are the main benefits these systems provide!

What is ITSM Knowledge Management?
In the context of IT Service Management (ITSM), Knowledge Management is a formal process for gathering and analyzing knowledge related to your IT systems, and then making this knowledge readily available to help desk personnel and, often, end users, in the form of written articles and/or video tutorials.

Once you have Incident Management,Change Management and Problem Management in place, implementing Knowledge Management is usually the next logical step in getting the ITSM basics in place and continuing to add value.

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