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Silicon Review 50 smartest 2020Silicon Review’s interview with Jeff Richards, Managing Partner

Information technology is now a critical function in any organization. In fact, even companies that do not consider themselves to be “high-tech” are investing in new technologies for digital transformation. To ensure they are tapping the right opportunities, many engage strategic IT consultants to facilitate the development and implementation of an integrated IT strategy.

Founded in 2009, Palo Alto, California-based CIO Professional Services is an IT strategy consulting firm that helps mid-size organizations address a wide range of IT alignment and strategy issues. Over the years Jeff Richards, the firm’s co-founder and Managing Partner, has seen that there are two axioms that explain the problems many of their clients face: In IT the demand for services will always exceed the supply, and If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never arrive. 

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IT, Work-from-Home and the New Workday

IT support for work from homeBy Stephen McGrady

A few months ago I, like most people, commuted to work each day. That commute created a clear demarcation between my “workday” and my “time at home.” Sure, I sometimes took a call in the evening, and I was as addicted to my Gmail/Slack/Zoom/WebEx/Teams feed as the next person. But when I was at the office I was mentally and physically “at work,” and when I was at home, I experienced work as an interruption in my home life.

That all went out the window when the lockdowns began.

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The Coronavirus Outbreak and Your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Coronavirus and Business Continuity PlanningBy Stephen McGrady

Last year if a customer sent you a Business Continuity Plan questionnaire asking what your plans were for responding to a pandemic, your response might have been, “Why are we even being asked about this? What difference does it make?” Your disaster planning was most likely focused on events that appeared to have a reasonable probability of taking place: earthquakes, fires, floods, key suppliers going out of business, labor strikes, etc.

This year, however, the outbreak of the coronavirus known as COVID-19 has changed all this. Between wide-spread quarantines and shut-downs in China, supply chain disruptions, trade show cancellations, stock market swoons and panicked calls from your elderly parents, it’s painfully obvious that you also need to have a plan for addressing pandemics.

As of this writing the outbreak of COVID-19 is far from contained. How might it impact your business?

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